Behind every deceptively simple idea is the question “how did you think of this?”

At Helber Industries, it was the moment when I found myself repeatedly frustrated, and more than a little disgusted, by the toilet-side plunger. Always present, never attractive, that plunger was the bane of my bathroom existence. So important yet so ugly, that plunger inspired me to create a long-term solution that offered people a sanitary and sensible solution.

Engineered and designed to easily insert between existing wall studs, the Hy-dit bathroom wall cabinet was first developed in 2001. After a few modifications, offering differing styles and materials, the Hy-dit was first awarded a US patent in 2007. We are the only recessed wall cabinet for plunger and brush storage available today.

Benefits of the Hy-dit include:

  • Simple, spacious storage of your least favorite bathroom implements
  • Easy access to plungers, brushes, cleaning solutions and other tools
  • Discretion and convenience for any bathroom user — at any time!
  • Removal of ugly clutter from bathroom floors.

Features of the Hy-dit include:

  • Plunger and bowl brush included
  • Removable drip-tray for easy cleaning
  • Convenient shelf for cleaning solutions
  • Reversible door mounting with left or right hinge openings
  • Molded interior brush hook
  • Ventilated interior walls
  • 20-gauge, prefinished metal cabinet
  • Templated layout for easy installation

At 12 inches wide and just 26 inches in height, Hy-dit provides ample storage without dominating the decor of your bathroom. Constructed from high-quality metals and plastics, every Hy-dit can be easily painted or stained to match the color of your wall. We proudly offer a full warranty on both the original Hy-dit 100, with its 20 gauge metal door and the Hy-dit 200 with its raised-panel plastic, wood-grain door.

Our Team

Founded by Hy-dit inventor and our president Craig Helber, Helber Industries is supported by our VP of Sales, Sherryl C. Kempers. Committed to delivering a superior level of customer service alongside exemplary products, the Helber team invites you to find out why more than 10,000 Hy-dits have been sold to American homeowners and why we continue to grow. Order yours now.