Hyd-It lets you keep your least favorite cleaning tools a handy secret.

Why deal with the nasty look and mess of plungers and bowl cleaners when Hyd-It lets you tuck away those very needed but admittedly less-than-attractive toilet implements? Quickly and easily installed, Hyd-It is your family’s answer to the annoying problem of clean storage.

Made from high-quality materials, your Hyd-It conveniently stores your plunger, toilet bowl brush, and cleaning solutions in a discreet, unobtrusive wall cabinet. Paint, wallpaper or even stain your Hyd-It wall cabinet, matching it to the color of your wall or bathroom cabinetry and disguising it if preferred.


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Keep kids away from bacteria-laden brushes or plungers and from harmful toxic chemicals. Let guests keep what happens in your bathroom as their business (and off your floor). Hyd-It does it all. Made in the US, affordable and easy to install, Hyd-It is the professional’s answer to your most annoying bathroom problem.

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